Connecting Grocery Stores With Food Sources

We supply a wide range of large grocery chains

Unloading the groceries is the final step of getting food to your table, but where does this process start? Food distribution relies on a skilled workforce that serves their community diligently. That's where AWS, Inc. fills the gaps in South Portland, ME. As a warehouse selector on our team, you'll go into warehouses and pick products to fill pallets. You'll then load these pallets onto trucks to be shipped out to grocery stores to feed the community.

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Since 1991, our owners have been helping communities put food on the table. We source employees for distribution centers for major grocery chains. With a large team at our disposal, we have a flourishing workforce that always gets the job done right.

If you join our team, you can expect:

Fun outings

we host outings four to five times a year for employees

A flexible schedule

you can attend classes or work around family time

Great pay

we compensate employees well so they can stay focused on their life goals

Whether you're saving for a new car or your first home, our warehouse positions are a great way to start putting money in the bank. Additionally, our family-like atmosphere is welcoming to all. Contact us now if you want to become a part of the distribution process that feeds us all.